You know…You could be anywhere, but you’re here, right now, with us, and that’s awesome!
Thank you very much

My name is Narcis Matei and I'm the Founder & CEO of 5iento Danish Fashion & Living

The idea was to showcase, through a website, a selection of the Most Known Scandic Clothing & Accessories Designs from the Biggest Fashion e-commerce platforms out there, using a ''little'' help from our wardrobe stylists.

This is also how we come up with the name of 5iento.

Siento, in Spanish, means ... i feel, and we instantly felt it is the perfect match for our outside the box approach to this particular business idea. We also wanted to differenciate ourself in terms of branding, that's why we choose number 5, instead of letter S. We feel we made the right choice!


Our long term goal is to create partnerships with niche fashion designers , achieve a minimum 6 figure traffic on the website, a HUGE conversion rate while delivering top notch clothing and providing best customer service one can have!

This is not the end of this glorious story, in fact it's just the beginning!

Thank you for being part of it