Adjustable Laptop Table Wooden Folding Notebook Tablet Desk Stand


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MULTIFUNCTIONAL Wooden Folding Adjustable Angle
Multifunctional Lazy Desk


  • Adjustable Height and Angle:laptop stand locking ratation of 360 degrees,
    convenient using gear design, and with the exact scale, can easily be
    precise angle adjustment and height adjustment.

  • Ergonomic Sleek Design:laptop table can be used to a TV dinner or tray, you
    can used to laptop stand for bed to breakfast,also can be used to sound
    equipment, projector, notebook standing desks, book tray, writing desk,
    tablet holder.

  • Save Space:Between the two folding legs, you have enough space to place your
    calculator, notebook, phone, keyboard shorter than 46 cm.In addition to have
    a laptop table, there is also a mouse board.Suitable for laptops up to 15
    inches,without feeling bound.

  • Strong and Sturdy:The top of the laptop stand is made of aluminium alloy and
    the leg is made of plastic, Sturdy material and lightweigh.

  • Flexible office posture: Whether you are in the office or at home, you can
    adjust your posture, stand, kneel, or sit in front of the computer. Can
    adjust the pressure of the cervical spine and waist.

  • Five adjustable modes


  • Material: Wood

  • Surface: smooth

  • Color:Wood color

  • Scene: multi occasion use

  • Wooden natural flavor, comfortable life, more efficien

  • The
    table board folds into a 12.75” x 23.5” x 2” for easy storage.

  • The
    table board is 5” wider and folds into a 12.75” x 28.5” x 2” for easy

Products include:

  • 1x
    Multifunctional Lazy Desk


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