ELO – A pro-grade hot stone experience for home





Hot stones are a thousand year old tradition. They melt muscle tension so you can relax and sleep better. Elo aims to reverse the bodily responses associated with stress, slowing breath and increasing the parasympathetic activity that makes you feel calm and rested. Target muscle groups on your own or unlock some bonding time with a partner. Giving the perfect massage is effortless with Elo.

Hot stone is the premier treatment in spas and can be expensive, especially for frequent visits. Elo is a one time cost, and can be used any time you want. Skip the spa and get the life changing treatment of hot stones in the comfort of your own home.


Used for over 2000 years to melt muscle tension and put you into a meditative state. Elo has reinvented this ancient practice, using hand-shaped volcanic stones that preserve the traditions that make it so powerful. The stones you’ll hold in your hand each time you use Elo started their journey possibly thousands of years ago as hot, molten rock from deep inside the earth that once reached over 2000 F before settling down, untouched for generations.

Basalt volcanic stone is what the ancients used and is still preferred by professionals around the world. It has amazing heat retention properties and allows heat to be given off slowly and sustainably.

We’ve thought it all through. Elo makes it possible for you get the benefits of Hot Stones entirely on your own. Easily target muscle groups with the help of the included stone placement mat and position guide. Lying overtop of Elo stones just before bed each night can help induce a sense of total calm from which to drift gently off to sleep.

Elo is an immersive experience for your senses, incorporating ambient light and aromatherapy for optimal relaxation. Sleep is in Elo’s DNA, combining the most calming sensory experiences into a minimalist device that deserves a spot on your nightstand. 

7 heavy volcanic Elo Stones heat up fast to 3 temperature levels and slowly release captivating warmth to soothe and calm your body and mind.

Diffuse calming essential oil blends to trigger your mind to change states from active to passive.

High-output LED light rings produce calming visual effects and mimic dusk skies. Set your mood with the app, launching 2021.

Hot stones have been used in different cultures around the world for thousands of years.

Hot stone treatments have always been the premium treatment in spas, but can cost upward of $150 per session. With Elo you’ll save hundreds after just a few uses.

We spent 3 years working alongside professional therapists to develop Elo, starting with the traditional volcanic stones of this ancient practice and integrating the capabilities, speed, intelligent sensors, and smartphone connectivity we expect, in a modern device.




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